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Zhejiang Chuangwei Vacuum Equipment Share Co., Ltd.

Chuangwei - Sincere Cooperation, Innovation Efforts, in order to get more customers high quality, reliable domestic vacuum equipment and make unremitting efforts. Faith-based, quality-based company was founded in the basic concept ; technology leadership, pragmatic innovation, striving for excellence is the driving force of development; service first, mutual benefit principle of lean is the company's development.

New ideas, new models, new technologies, new ideas, with new modern management model , the combination of the various advantages of resources , manufacturing first-class vacuum equipment , vacuum election record gives you more confidence, more satisfaction, more peace of mind.

Technical capacity: The company engaged in R & D team of more than 10 years of vacuum equipment design engineers, technicians, composed especially for the screw pump , Roots vacuum pump is designed in a peer leader. Such as variable pitch screw vacuum pumps, magnetic drive pump Roots, Roots vacuum pump corrosion, seal dry seal design.

Production capacity: pump, Roots pump core components using five-axis, four-axis machining center; important part of body, side cover such as the use of digital CNC machining, high precision, interchangeability;

Service capabilities: sales and service personnel are engaged in the production and sale of vacuum pump sales engineer for more than 10 years of pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, electronics and other technology have considerable understanding of our sales and service team strive to provide the best vacuum solutions, matching cost-effective, appropriate and reliable vacuum equipment, customers become genuine partnership. Different configurations of the same equipment will get unexpected results, the election record is, your peace of mind.

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